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.     NEW DIRECT NUMBER - 1-858-692-6199    .

NEW DIRECT NUMBER - 1.858.692.6199
EMAIL DIRECT - info@theamandacompany.com

We have been in business since 1988, 20+ years, designing, developing, and marketing voice mail systems, automated attendants, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, FAX servers, unified messaging, dialers, message delivery and call control systems. Needless to say, we know telecom.  read more 



Our range of telecommunications hardware scale to suit any requirement from soho to major corporate installations.

We market both our own branded Amanda systems but also other manufacturers products. Read more on our Products Page

Amanda Dealers are telecommunication equipment providers that offer onsite, on location services for the sales, installation and support of our products.

If you are an end user retail customer click here to Find a Dealer near you.


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Support is given on a per incident basis and requires support credits - Support may include telephone, e-mail, and remote access. On-site support is available depending upon location Support Page Telephone   1-858-692-6199

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